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In case you have questions about Brynild Gruppen or any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will happily answer your questions!

We are proud of our range of quality products, and we are solely dedicated to having happy and satisfied customers.  Our quality standards are high, and we are continuosly working to shape our routines and improve our products - so that you will get the same quality and marvellous experience every time you enjoy one of our products. 

If you nevertheless should experience a product with deviant quality, we want you to contact us. We consider every product complaint very seriously, and this gives us the opportunity to make corrections and better products in the future. 

If your inquiry is a complaint, we would very much appreciate to receive the product in it´s original packaging by mail. Only in this way we can study the product and make a cause analysis.  

We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible. During holidays and  vacations our response may take som extra time. Our office is closed week 30, 2021.

We treat all consumer information confidentially, and we will safeguard you privacy according to the Personal Data Act. 

In case of urgent matters, please contact us by phone : +47 69 30 51 00

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